Bowerman's Early Days

Rick Bowerman’s introduction into joinery and furniture began with early Canadian antiques. While restoring each piece by hand, he learned the difference between a well-crafted piece made from hardwood lumber and those of a more primitive design fashioned from recycled material. Yet all had their own stories to tell, inspired by someone’s passion, care and attention to detail.

Rick was determined to create his own line of furniture imbued with the same quality and craftsmanship characteristic in the antiques he had restored. Hence, the beginning of Bowerman’s Handcrafted Furniture, where traditional design, meticulous attention to detail and a sense of history permeate every piece.

Bowerman's Today

Bowerman's continues to be a thriving business. Creating and building custom cabinetry and furniture requires a village.

With a strong team of journeymen cabinetmakers and designers, we move seamlessly between traditional and contemporary design. Under Bowerman's roof, old-world Japanese wood-working tools share space with modern machines. Both new and old are brought together under the talented guidance of experienced hands.

State of the Art Finishing
Bowerman's new spray booth provides a well controlled, state of the art environment, enabling us to maintain exceptional quality. Our expertise is a combination of highly experienced finishers and unique facilities.
Precision is Key
Cutting-edge tools and experienced, conscientious workmanship are a combination that bring precision to every project we do. A hands-on approach is essential to Bowerman's projects.
A Great Working Environment
Our new spacious and functional workshop has created a place that allows our cabinetmakers the chance to truly hone their craft. Working closely together as a team, we are constantly sharing ideas and techniques, traditional and new.
Our conversations start with client partnership. Communication is an essential part of our process from our design, carrying through to construction and installation. Bowerman’s delivers creative solutions to your exact specifications.